Selwood and Climbing Frames UK frames are starting currently at £299 which is incredible when you look at the cost of delivery, added to the price of just buying a simple slide you wonder how they even get the wood into that offer or how much is in there and moving onto the top one online is £1169. Selwood and climbing frames UK were the first to offer tube slides, curvy slide and leading the push for smaller playsets for more of the new house builds, smaller gardens and lower fences as to not intrude onto the next doors privacy. However in doing this they have pushed the double child or split families market a little as larger children can struggle slightly with some of the gaps compared to other manufactures.

The downside with Selwood Climbing frame is that you would be required each year to stain and maintain the climbing frame. We can do this for you if you didn’t want to get sticky

The Climbing Frames Sold by Selwood and through Climbing Frames UK are: See our small comments of Selwood Playsets here.

  • Andorra Climbing Frame
  • Sun Bistro Climbing Frame
  • Meadowside II Climbing Frame
  • Sandycove Climbing Frame
  • Meadowvale Climbing Frame
  • Wake Climbing Frame
  • Hazlewood Climbing Frame
  • Boom Climbing Frames
  • Rendle Fort Tower Playset
  • Meadowside II Climbing Frames
  • Kinross Climbing Frame
  • Woodchester Climbing Frames
  • Duchess Climbing Frame
  • Carrick Climbing Frame
  • Perth Climbing Frame
  • Queensland Play Fort Climbing Frame
  • Perth Climbing Frames
  • Kendal Climbing Frame
  • Osbourn Climbing Frames
  • Duke Playset Fort
  • Osterley Climbing Frame
  • Hero Climbing Frame
  • Epic Climbing Frame
  • Cheswick Climbing Frame
  • Peak Climbing Frame
  • Toro climbing Frame
  • Nova Climbing Frame
  • Twin Mountain Climbing Frame
  • Skyline Climbing Frame
  • Goldenridge Tube Slide Climbing Frame
  • Stonefield Cottage Climbing Frames
  • Arlington Play Fort
  • Stonefield Lodge Playset

If your looking for your installation of a climbing frame then were your guys. No one knows Selwoods climbing frames as well as we do. We used to work within the Selwoods office. Contact us know, we have coverage across England and Wales.

Call the experts. 07792309588 email [email protected]