Choosing a Climbing Frame for your Family

What to consider when buying a children’s playset…

1. Quality

Choosing a Climbing Frames Play Installation Quality should play a major factor when choosing a climbing frame for your children. The quality of a play frame will determine its strength and stability and also how safe it is as an outdoor toy. Well established climbing frame manufacturers will use certified high quality wood to engineer kids play frames. Play Crazy, Selwood, NI Climbing Frames, Action and Plum are a just few manufacturers of quality climbing frames. Play Crazy climbing frames are constructed using certified robust timber. Playsets from Play Crazy are extremely stable and safe not only due to the heavyweight timber they are engineered from, but also because they canClimbing Frame Installation and Playset Building be concreted into the ground. The legs of the main play frame are stocky to maximise strength and this in addition to being

concreted into the ground as opposed to sat on top of grass maximises their stability also. This reduces the chances of the playset wobbling and prevents it from moving completely in extremely bad weather. Play Crazy climbing frames can be made to order, meaning you can design your own bespoke playset to suit your children perfectly. This is a fantastic service as you can pick and choose accessories to add to your play frame. Selwood climbing frames have a very different appearance to playsets Choosing a Climbing Framesfrom Play Crazy. Selwood Products use cedar wood to manufacture their climbing frames which is a lot less robust and lighter in weight than the certified timber used to construct Play Crazy and NI climbing frames. Selwood play frames are covered with a protective red stain to protect them from weathering. These play frames are generally smaller and are designed for children up to ten years of age. As Play Crazy and NI climbing frames are engineered using more

robust wood they are suitable for older children to play on and therefore will last your family longer. Selwood playsets are ideal if you want a climbing frame already designed for you as they offer their own play frames rather than bespoke ones. Also, another difference is that Selwood climbing frames are designed to sit on top of the ground and cannot be concreted into the ground like Play Crazy and NI play frames can be. This means that Selwood playsets do not have added stability and therefore are not suitable for children over ten years of age. Choosing a Climbing FramesNI Climbing Frames are made from certified timber similar to Play Crazy frames. NI playsets are larger and more robust compared with Selwood and Dunster House etc but they don’t offer pressure treated decks and balustrades we believe and tell you to oil stain them to keep it from rotting, they are larger timber areas therefore also suitable for older children with maximum strength and added stability. NI play frames are manufactured from timber that is smoothed down and treated to ensure there are no splinters in the wood but are simply not the quality of Play Crazy Climbing Frames which allows the sets to be built on slopes, allow adults to use the towers and bridges and not need to be touched and stained to keep its integrity.  These climbing frames can also be concreted into the ground to ensure they are stable and safe..

2. Family

Climbing Frame InstallerAnother factor to consider when buying a climbing frame is the age and ability of your child or children. You want them to have something to grow into but you also want them to get fun out of a playset at the age they are now.

Therefore if you have got younger children who are not confident climbers and may be daunted by a larger playset from Play Crazy or NI, you may think a Selwood or a Plum playset would be better suited to your family.

However, if you also have older children who like a challenge. A larger playset may be a better investment and therefore it will be something for younger siblings to grow into.

3. Size

Options for Climbing Frames Installers You must take the size of your garden into account and ensure you buy a climbing frame that will be a suitable fit. Always measure the garden space you have to work with before purchasing a climbing frame.

4. Geography of your garden

Another big factor to think about when purchasing a climbing frame is the landscape of your garden. If you do not have a flat area to stand a play frame then it might be difficult to assemble a Selwood or Plum climbing frame for example as they are designed to sit on top of the ground.

Summerville Basic Model

Summerville Basic Model

If you do not have a flat area it may be better to think about a play frame that can be sunk into the ground to create a level play area and a more sturdy playset. Play Crazy and NI play frames are much better suited to sloping gardens or gardens with a gradient.

For help or advice with installing your climbing frame, contact our climbing frame installers today. Our experienced team of playset builders specialize in the safe assembly of children’s play frames and offer a professional installation service at a great price.

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