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Flat-Pack Assembly

If you’ve purchased, or looking to purchase a flat-pack climbing frame, we’ll be happy to provide an assembly quote throughout England & Wales

Bespoke Design

If you’ve got a sloping garden, odd shape space, or just want something specific to suit your family, children & budget then we can help with a bespoke playset design.

Safety Surfacing

We can also help you with play equipment safety surfacing. Whether you need, matting, loosefill or bonded surfacing for home or commercial use.

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience, providing invaluable advice, accurate pricing and reliable service. We’ll ensure you get your climbing frame, treehouse fort, swings and slides assembled in time.

We’re fully independent, meanging we’ll happily tell you the truth which sets provide good value, and which don’t. We’ve seen and assembled most brands, so know which provide value, and which just look good in images!

We also provide an unbeatable bespoke climbing frame design and build service for both gardens and commercial use because we know the restrictions and limitations of pre-boxed products.

“Helpful advice, prompt and efficient assembly, and most importantly a sturdy climbing frame which will last my 3 children many years”

S Thompson, Surrey

“I ordered a flat-pack climbing frame online. The image looked great, but when it arrived it was too small and wouldn't have lasted the kids 2 years! Sent it back and got a custom treehouse from Climbing Frame Installer. Excellent quality and built in a day”

M Charles, Cheshire

“Assembled the whole climbing frame in one day. Super impressive as it would have taken my husband days, weeks, or maybe months to get around to finishing it!”

L Smalling, Essex

Brands We Install

Play Crazy
Dunster House
Plum Products
TP Toys
Wickey Climbing Frames
Jungle Gym
Selwood Products
Wicken Toys
Outdoor Toys
Climbing Frames UK
Backyard Discovery
The Outdoor Toy Centre
Mano Mano

Flat-Pack or Bespoke?

We’re entirely a third party installation company. We used to work directly for some manufacturers and have chosen to go alone, WHY?…… well, when you don’t think that the supplier’s products are perfect, and when we’re getting bad feedback on installs due to the floor, design and recalls after sets built precisely to the instructions have issues. We now design, manufacture and install our own units and continue to install website purchased units if you choose them and need them installed.

Why would I choose bespoke?

Flat-pack climbing frames can be great value, if you have the perfect garden layout with space available and a flat level surface. If you have a sloping garden, or wish to optimise the space you have for other uses (planting, BBQ, patio, dining furniture, greenhouse etc) then a bespoke climbing frame means you can optimise the features and layout to suit your children, garden and space.

Isn't Bespoke Too Expensive?

No, it’s a misconception that a bespoke climbing frame is unaffordable. The unique design offers many benefits, because you can drop features you don’t want, and keep those you do. In addition you’ll get many more years use from our bespoke climbing frames because the wood we use is significantly better (see the example image).

The cheapest flat-pack playsets are designed and manufactured specifically to meet a price point, so there are significant comprimises in wood quality and features. We know, as we work with them all the time, this is why we offer bespoke because we know there’s a need.

Won't it take ages to get a bespoke climbing frame made?

We make all our bespoke play equipment ourselves, and we understand you want to make the most of the good weather, so we aim to deliver and install within few weeks of order. 

Why is your wood a different colour?

Many flat-pack manufacturers use wood stain to make their lumber look more pretty and premium. Generally this is a water based stain, and will weather off within a couple of years. Our wood is fully treated, and guaranteed to last 10 years without further treatment. 

Our Services

Covering England & Wales

We travel throughout England and Wales to install climbing frames.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We’re independent, so can offer advice on the best product for your family.

Job Quotes Provided

We quote for a finished job, so there’s no need for you to worry about extra costs, day rates or how fast do we work. 

Flat-Pack Climbing Frames

We assemble all brands of flat-pack climbing frames, including Dunster House, Plum, TP & Wickey.

Bespoke Treehouses

Want something to last longer, which is designed to suit your own children, garden and budget.

Commercial & Surfacing

We have completed multiple commercial playground projects, including safety surfacing.