Full Climbing frame installation from start to finish…

We build flat-pack play units, supplied from the top Manufactures such as Dunster House, Play Crazy, Selwood Products, Action Climbing Frames, Rainbow, Plum Products and so many more. 

We offer clients a hassle-free, design and install service. We will come to your house, measure up, order, turn up and build and then remove all the left parts leaving your garden safe and clear ready to plan. 

Working with Domestic and Commercial Clients. 

We have a force impact resin bonder, allowing us to lay rubber resin flooring in mass-scale or for small setups as needed. We can do the groundwork if needed or just lay the flooring. 

Just give us a call for more information…..

Well just need your honest feedback, it will mostly come to your budget the extent of what we can do but we work for all, for day wage installs into full 100k projects. Some customers have a smaller budget than others but to us, a day is a day and we find it as enjoyable building little units to multi-station playparks. 

Call us, 07792309588

Speak to us about your needs, what YOU want and if needed we would arrange a site visit. 

Onsite we can talk through your needs, space, budget and design. 

Once we have a final design agreed we can cost it up and get supplies ordered

We would then prefabricate anything where we can offsite, making installs quicker and easier

We can then turn up, install onto astroturf, did and cement, hook up zip wires in trees and make the area come to life. 

We would then remove the cut-offs, look to make the site safe and clear and come and find you to check you have everything you want or would like to add more once it’s alive and you can see it in your garden. 

The joy with this is, you would be charged for missing parts and return visits like with flatpack playsets we have no control over. It would be to your garden, your design and your needs. This would be a custom system usually. 

Working with the main manufacturers selling frames many don’t offer installs themselves. They don’t do it because they want to promote how easy they are to build pushing the DIY installer idea. We do however like to see safe installs done properly and that’s why we exist. They are great to get good prices for sets as they manufacture in such bulk BUT many off the shelf cant be installed commercially, cant be installed on slopes, some struggle with astroturf. 

Our full service would mean you can build on slopes, hills, across gardens, in woodland and designed to your needs. 

We work with many commercial companies and businesses. Pubs, daycare centres, local councils and so much more. It’s funny as many will get quotes from large national companies, some who use us as third party installers anyway. We love this business but if you happen to come directly then would save money, have the same installer and frames without the RRP top prices and so its a win for you. 

With commercial projects sometimes on larger platform sites then we will refer a company we work with the help manage orders, find stock and manage deliveries as they have office support to back them up whereas we’re on the road and have to work from sites a lot. 

You don’t need to have the simple option and poor designs, basic things at high costs when you have us. We can even design a maintenance program and annual checks to keep the area to standard. 

So you have sat and looked through the 350+ videos from the last years installs, looked endlessly at hundreds of frames sold online, called one thing, roof is turned at 90 degrees and sold as something else, change a ladder with a slide and back again and all rebranded. Wood is thin and lightweight so its easier to ship and transport and frankly you then decide on one and its sold out. 



Where you want and how you want and even work with you to maximise the wood, the play and flow of your area. We have designed full gardens and commercial spaces. Give us ideas and we will be off, supply an area and a budget and we can tell you how to shop to get as much as you can for your money. 

This blends with our full service, we will do everything for you except maybe receive some pre parcels getting ready onsite unless needed.

Walk in, walk out service

These are super hero’s for my kids, I looked at all the manufactures for months, one call to Pete and he supplied the most amazing bespoke climbing frame.



Purchased a climbing frame online, I tried to start it but failed, however resolved within a few days. Quick, on time and polite. My friends used him as well and very happy.


Estate Agent

Climbing Frame Installer UK is an independent, experienced and knowledgeable team who is highly experienced in the installation process of Climbing Frames, swingsets and play centres.

Climbing Frame Installer is a professional installer of flat pack climbing frames. Many climbing frames are sold as home-build, but depending on the time you have, tools you have, and ability or inclination to spend a day, or two, or more building a flat pack climbing frame – you may wish to consider utilising our services.


We have been building play equipment for several years across the UK and have built for the likes of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Gary Teal and Caroline Catz to name a few.

We have been up and down England building as the preferred install company for Climbing Frames UK and Selwood Products along with being a recommended installer for Plum Products, Garden Games and Action Climbing Frames along with a number of other outdoor toy retailers, along with having enquirers directly. We are completely independent and happy to advise you on the best play equipment for you and your children.

Contact us to with your requirements and we’ll be able to pass on independent advice on what product we’d recommend and why we would recommend climbing frame sets.

Climbing Frame Installers Installation Builder

Use the professionals and DONT be sorry. So many people at the moment are pretending to be professional installers. In this climate using knowledgeable installers can actually save you money.

We are the chosen installation and climbing frame installer taking referrals directly from Costco Online, Selwood Products, Action Climbing Frames, Play Crazy, Plum Products,TP Toys and Playsets and Dunster House to name the main manufacturers however also working alongside garden centers and many online websites and retailers. We really are the climbing frame installation and build team working across the UK. We mainly work from Newcastle around through Wales and around past London through the East of England.

How we work out our prices and why its really not worth not using the professionals who will charge an hourly rate, we are the professional installation climbing frame erection team in England.