Please note that we are in the service industry and need your help before attending. Often playsets are being posted from online retailers from across the country and we attend after this point.

These are the basic terms of business that we believe are fair and help everyone to know what will happen in specific situations to show you the key points.

  1. Please ask if you want to see the full terms of business and agreed your installation costs.
  2. Extra works on top of your installation will be chargeable, not started and either agreed in writing or if we trust you verbally to save time for you. This includes free and extra equipment sold with your playsets.
  3. If your ground is not level or clear then a callout charge to cover fuel charges and time will be chargeable on the day even if no works are carried out.
  4. Please make sure you have checked the wood and equipment. We will believe unless otherwise stated that everything is in perfect order and ready to build. If you do find a problem then please arrange delivery of this before the installation date.
  5. If parts are missing our installers will build the set to the highest of standards or use original bolts as replacements. If this is not possible we will explain before we leave where the replacements need to be fitted, not by us unless agreed in writing. The full cost will still be payable in this instance.
  6. Even when an agreed installation date has been agreed this is weather permitting. Unforeseen circumstances could mean we can’t come on that exact day.
  7. If you have a climbing frame installation date and have not received your climbing frame then we hope you will notify us.
  8. Please make sure you have looked into the climbing frame of your building and measured your garden correctly to make sure you have the manufacturer’s safe space. If you do not have this space we will still build the playset as a demonstration before you clear the space around the playset. We would hope you’re not using the set until the safety space is around the set required has been completed.
  9. Using the playset or not allowing it to dry correctly is not our fault and recall will be charged.
  10. Any ground works will be charged on top of the installation quote unless otherwise stated.
  11. Extras and accessories will not be installed unless directed or supplied with the play equipment.
  12. We expect that the original instructions are supplied with original bolts with the play equipment – We reserve the right to refuse to build equipment if non-original bolts or equipment is used.
  13. Once we arrive even if the build is unlevel or a problem arises a basic call-out charge will be applied which will vary dependent on a fuel surcharge or time.
  14. We can ask to authorise your payment card for a deposit before attending or ask for proof of payment before starting our build.
  15. All prices quoted will be included unless otherwise stated.
  16. If we start the build and are unable to complete it then we will not be responsible for the replacement parts.
  17. If we begin to build the climbing frame and you wish to return it or are unhappy with the product we will not at any point be responsible for wrapping up your set or covering costs of replacements.
  18. If you call or contact us then you would have already understood these terms via a call or through the contact form and have to agree as part of the form.
  19. Once you agree to a custom climbing frame design you’re liable to the complete charge. We will not begin work until positions have been agreed upon to avoid moving it around your garden. We will manufacture and produce your design, this involves materials and time before we even attend your location. If you decide on the day you do not want it installed this is your choice, we will either take It away with us on the day to dispose of but will not be refunded unless agreed otherwise.
  20. We will not give discounts for not completed work due to third parties and unforeseen circumstances within your garden’s ground works or installation or decision.
  21. Extra works can always be added to jobs, we do ask that during the design and installation area you discuss extra works that can get agreed upon while on-site so we don’t let other clients down.
  22. We will charge a waiting time if we turn up and we can’t get access or agree to get started.
  23. Any finance agreed is based on the quotes and all of the above being agreed upon.
  24. You have the right to seek alternative finance and as long as we have payments into our accounts its fine. Bank details can get supplied upon quote and invoice stages
  25. We do reserve the right to take a deposit if we feel it’s necessary at the quote stage this will change as jobs.

We are always as helpful as possible and respectful to you and your family. We do ask that your excited children are kept out of the building site to avoid any accidents or risks to your child.

We invoice and expect final settlement on the last day onsite. We would ask that all final invoices are settled at this point to avoid recalls or issues while not on-site. We would take legal action if its seen a breach of any of the above is broken through a nominated debt recovery business or small claims depending on the size of the job.