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Commercial Rubber Safety Flooring

 Climbing Frame Rubber Play Area Flooring

At Climbing Frame Installer we are all about finding you the best products on the market and keeping you and your children safe and this includes the safety play flooring. We can have your playset built into a safe area using one of our preffered installers or our own team depending on safety surfacing you require. A few things you need to think about is the:

  • Critical Fall Height” for the climbing frame your looking to purchase for the depth of the safety surface.
  • Measured the area, does the climbing frame fit, does it have play space or have you only used the dimensions of the actual unit.
  • “Type of Safety Surface”

If you would like us to quote for your flooring then please do fill in the contact us form, we will need the size and location of the area you wish to fill and make sure you have the critical fall height.


Safety Flooring Specialists Climbing Frame InstallerSunken Safety Play Pit: The area can be built up if required, layer of weed control and you can place bark, sand, pea gravel rubber mulch or rubber chippings inside of it. Sometimes to give a better look to the area you could dig down and then place the boarder into the hole as a retaining wall. This will mean the flooring will all be one level but safe, or to the critical fall height without making further trip hazards but the cost for going down is always higher than building onto the surface. This has natural bark, actual wood and nothing synthetic within the build and is dug into the ground with a small raised border to hold the bark in.




Childrens Climbing frame installerThe Safety Play Pit: This is built on top of the surface your installing it into, this is a lot easier than taking away turf and earth. When you do that you will need a skip and extra costs are incurred with time for removing the earth. Just because the area has a raised border it doesn’t mean it is ugly or has to be a problem. If your moving its a simple case of removing the borders and the ground can be restored. This is a quick way to build your climbing frame safety protective flooring.




Climbing Frame installerSafety Matting: Another alternative is safety matting. This allows the weeds to grow through the mat, this holds it in place and allow the big black mat to be hidden by the grass. You can either have this on the top of the surface, or dig them into the turf itself leaving a smooth profile, add some grass seed and even if the top layer of grass wears down the roots and base of grass will stay strong and keep growing back.





Climbing frame installersRubber Resin Flooring: The rubber resin flooring model works in same concepts as the playpits without the need for the pit. What we do is cut into your turf or cut into the floor and then blend them together, the resin in the rubber compound is flexible and solid. This is very much like the commercial grade wet pour system however you don’t have the expense and the area doesn’t have to be flat. You can do patterns, shapes and use colors to hide the area into grass or make it stand out. This is a commercial and domestic option that we can assist in quoting or design.



Climbing Frame Play Ground Installation SurfaceCommercial Grade Rubber Flooring Tiles: This flooring is in bedded into the playground or that is bordered and built around it. The tiles are sat on a flat bed and then stuck down and together with sand underneath to supply a secure tight strong non slip safety surface.