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 Welcome to climbing frame installer UKs leading outdoor wooden climbing frame company. Building your playsets across England and Wales from flatpack pre purchased playsets to fully designed and custom made systems. Our custom systems are designed for for larger children even built into small gardens, climbing frames can be made to measure and only a few pieces are defined with the area but we try our hardest to make your wishes come to life.

England & Wales

Est. 2006

Unique Designs

The reason we started to build our own frames and now working with Play Crazy Climbing Frames is that we have a lot of issues with flat packs. We turn up to your house and you haven’t received your bolts, something is broken or you have problems then we can’t do anything but you would still need to cover our costs. However, with custom-made playsets, we use the best quality the wood on the market. We pride ourselves on using the best materials and learning from all the manufactures and taking the best pieces then upgrading them 

About Us

I started off working for Selwood products in Bury St Edmunds when they had a warehouse. I worked in the parts, marking spares from the wood I had available to replace the broken ones from deliveries or missing bits. This was for a few days each week around my property maintenance business. Still, Selwood didn’t want me really building for their competitors like Plum Products, Rebo Climbing frames, and Rainbow playset seemingly realising the value of selling and installation of the wooden outdoor climbing frames.

I soon realised though, through problems with clients, they didn’t measure the garden correctly and didn’t understand what works for their families. Buying online you don’t see the entrance and exits, the thickness of wood or quality and relied on reviews from people that had already purchased sets, reviews from the first purchase of a playset never seeing what they could have had and obviously most people don’t like to admit they could have found better or don’t know it and so happy with what they have. Sometimes this is okay but when your garden is sloping for months they break but never do another review saying it’s now wobbling or has issues. The business grew and we used to have 19 vans on the road and split warehouses but found it’s better for the clients, better for quality to control to actually have a small dedicated business.

Now I cover England and Wales often staying out between jobs allowing me to travel and book jobs together to give you the best service and quality.

If you would like the perfect climbing designed, manufactured in Suffolk and then have the climbing frame installed I’m your man. Zip wires, climbing frames, ninja frames, cubes, swings, trampolines and even roundabouts or please buy your frame online, make sure you have read the terms of the manufacturer like floor flat and level, nothing underneath allowing concrete, and parts are checked

Watch Our Process


We’re one of the only companies dealing with the full concept, design, manufacture and install custom and template designed climbing frames. Some companies use previous models to make them for you but we actually make it for you not always from previous designs and models or sizes. You have a slope, we can deal with that, you have a small garden, we can deal with this, you want a treehouse within or around a tree and we will work with that as well. Contact us now to forfill your needs. 

You could if you wanted to make the trip to our workshops near Beccles to see the wood and talk through the designs by appointment only. 


Handmade in Suffolk

We fabricate your designs in our warehouse in Suffolk and then transport it directly to you. We load the van, we transport the custom sets in our van, offload and build and you, just have to confirm the location and watch us work. We / I truly want to make this the easiest process and without all the issues from builders and trades I hear about weekly. We just get the job done 

Living Art

In The quality of our wood compared to companies like Dunster house, Selwood, Costco, Wickey like you can see in these images is breath taking. We build flat packs all day long and sometimes when carrying the playset down a garden in one box and asked ” is this good quality ” its hard to be truthful. We dont want to say, if we can carry it in one box it might not last very long as your children get heavier and older. 

I Would Like A Custom Climbing Frame Designed and Installed

We design and build almost everything, from playhouses to treehouses, roundabouts to zip wires, single towers to full wooden castles in people’s gardens. You will be able to decide on slides, plastic to double skin and stainless steal, fireman poles, climbing poles, monkey bars to ninja handles and so much more.

"Peter, who is the owner of the company, is much more than just a climbing frame installer. He is someone who knows and understands the products that are out there, the pros and cons of each and how they will work/fit for your chosen installation area, or not as the case may be. His advice and guidance for our chosen products and installation was first class. He installed, a tower, slide, sand-pit, monkey bars, swings, climbing wall, climbing net and fireman's pole on our uneven ground offering advice and suggestions along the way regarding optimal placement and above all safety. He was extremely professional in his manner and approach and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
My only regret is that I had not found him before I purchased my climbing frame as I would have made some different decisions based on the advice he gave me.
Please persevere with trying to make contact with Peter. I can't deny that sometimes I would be concerned that he hadn't replied to my text/phone call but having seen him in action I can honestly say that his phone is continually being rung/having messages sent to it. He also spends a lot of time travelling from site to site and so cannot read/type/respond as quick as you or I are able to and his days start early and finish late. Just keep trying to contact him as he is the only person you want both advising on and installing your chosen climbing frame/outdoor equipment.."

Simon Counter (Google review)

"Peter offers an absolutely fantastic reasonably priced service. We contemplated putting the climbing frame up ourselves but watched Peter’s YouTube video and his services sold himself! Highly recommend, he offers a quality build and takes the stress out of doing it yourself, and he is a
very nice person to work with!"

Sharon Hine (Google)

"Great install - the guys were quick, quiet, and professional, would highly recommend"

Jeremy Cross (google)

Zero Hassle Business

You dream and we build , simple as that!!

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