Plum Products has a wonderful understated reputation within the UK. The quality thick cut wood is of the highest quality. The manufacture is currently selling outdoor toys, wooden climbing frames, outdoor furniture, trampolines and gazebos.

Plum climbing frames compared to other manufactures supply their sets with plastic molded swing seats as well as molded slides so they are ready to use rather than having to build it.

Plum sell sets directly to the public through their website as well as selling through national retailers across the UK like Argos as well as smaller agents like Play who offer some of the lowest prices on the web.

Plum Products sells a range of equipment from high spec garden furniture to wooden play equipment and bbq’s. To see a selection of the names of the playsets click here.

Plum offers many accessories to adapt and aid personalize your play sets including baby swing seats.

TP climbing frames have a fantastic reputation for design and quality. Their baby swings are also very popular additions, which not only fit TP swings, but also attach to many other brands of climbing frame including many Plum Products or Selwood Products climbing frame and swing sets.