Plum Products is a UK based company selling playhouses, trampolines and climbing frames along with metal swingsets.

This list represents just some of these products so that you get an idea of the range. To see the pictures of the playsets and climbing frames take a look at our gallery or call us and we might be able to speak to one of our providers on your behalf.

  • Wooden Baby Swing Set
  • Wooden Single Swing
  • Wooden Double Swing
  • Bush Baby® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Marmoset® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Lemur® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Colobus® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Gibbon® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Orang-Utan® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Uakari® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Baboon® Wooden Pole Activity Centre
  • Meerkat Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Giant Baboon® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • Chacma® Wooden Pole Swing Set
  • My First Activity Tower Wooden Play Centre
  • My First Play Centre
  • Steenbuck Wooden Play Centre
  • Captain Plum Wooden Play Centre
  • Siamang®2 Wooden Play Centre
  • Swashbuckler Wooden Play Centre
  • Indri® Wooden Play Centre
  • Impala Wooden Play Centre
  • Climbing Pyramid Wooden Play Centre
  • Suricate Wooden Play Centre
  • Kudu Wooden Play Centre
  • Endeavour Wooden Play Centre
  • Warthog Wooden Play Centre
  • Bison Wooden Play Centre
  • Wildebeest Wooden Play Centre
  • Metal Single Swing
  • See Saw Sedna® Metal Swing Set
  • Helios® II Metal Swing Set
  • Jupiter® Metal Swing Set
  • Vulcan Metal Activity Centre
  • Sandpits
  • Trampolines
  • Garden Furniture
  • Playhouses

For a free quote please use the quote form provided. We are a professional service that are fully insured for domestic climbing frame installation.

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