Wickey Marketing is amazing, they somehow make the climbing frames look so impressive and price points are really on target. When you look at how you can buy multiple towers for less than 2k they are very competitive. 

Looking at the picture showing the straps and wood however it soon starts to answer some questions. These straps are a fabric base and I’m sure can hold the weight but screws into the wood are significantly small in our eyes, the wood gets wet and usage has stress and strains and would the holes open and cause them to come lose over time?

We usually build our custom frames with a chain underneath, then 34mm decking and bolt through into a lock nut allowing a full lock and allowing full security for your children on the bespoke design playframes. 


How do you even compare the reality of the white background, the picture from Wickey is a smart king climbing frame, This is RRP over £2100, now look at the thickness of the bridge and size of the frame. These towers are similar to the height of an average worktop. Reviews on the website say that its huge, we do question if they ever saw another frame in life before purchase. The vinyl roof and flag do happen to be blowing in this picture but it is literally a triangle screwed into some vertical wood. The towers on this set are around 80cm x 80cm and entrance holes to get through the fence panels and supports is around 50cm x 50cm. Find yourself some wood or sticks and build a hole and test it for your children. If your garden is small, budget tight and kids only needing a year or two then consider the frames as the wood itself is very smooth and great for the little ones crawling and having mini-adventures.