Selwood Boss climbing frames are made from rot resistant, strong, durable, soft to the touch cedar wood. They do not require pressure treating. 

Main Features

Two grippy belt swings made from high quality injection moulded plastic. A trapeze bar for older children, all fixed with heavy duty swing hangers.

Wavy slide made from UV protected plastic, providing great durability, strength and long lasting colour. Smooth contours and rails make for safe slide, both up and down. 

Rock/slatted ladder, suitable for all ages. Mounted at a 70° angle, for a fun and safe climb. Five scratch and chip resistant rock holds for a safe ascent and descent.

Enclosed playhouse as part of the lower tier, including a serving counter, windows and plenty of room to play. The design of this playhouse means children cannot accidently walk out on to swings in use.

Large raised play deck complete with green window frames. A great hub for children to play together and access the slide.

Monkey bars with four rungs/swings with a step up so they can reach the first rung of the ladder. Strong, well sanded rungs made from the same quality cedar wood used for the frames themselves. 

Being suitable for multiple ages, this frame has a great lifespan. 

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