Trim trails are absolute essentials for a young person’s growth and confidence when playing outdoors. Fun and challenging, they are always popular elements in play areas and adventure spaces. Children love the challenge of seeing whether or not they can successfully negotiate a narrow walkway, and when included in an ‘assault course’ section, the trail can become one of the most popular parts of the outdoor play experience.


Whether it’s a school that wants to include a large trim trail as a specific component of the educational experience, or a private customer that wants a trail that adds that little bit more to the garden, we can build trails as large or as small as required, and to suit most budgets.


There are a number of different trim trail experiences available and we can install all kinds. However, some of the most popular include:


  • The balance beam, which is a thin and challenging balance trail. Sturdy and comfortable, it will be exciting to negotiate
  • The walking seesaw. This variant brings the natural fun of the seesaw to the balancing skills. Kids love walking up and then negotiating their way down the seesaw
  • The armoured spider web is a great variant, adding even more fun due to it’s size and it’s looks. It’s a naturally challenging trail


The benefits


Trim trails have a number of benefits. The first one is that, as part of a system for outdoor play, they get kids out and enjoying themselves in the fresh air. 


In addition to this, the self esteem of the young person will be boosted. There is nothing like taking on a challenge and achieving it. With trim trais, while they are perfectly safe to use, they still carry that element of risk that children need to experience to get the most out of outdoor play. Completing any aspect of a trim trail will therefore boost a young person’s self esteem. And doing it in front of friends makes it extra special.


Alongside increases in self esteem, a child’s balance and confidence can be boosted too. It takes good coordination to accomplish the journey across a trim trail, and as children become more confident, you’ll notice them going across them quicker. And that’s when their balance is clearly starting to improve.


We are able to install these in both private and public spaces, from the largest school playground to a domestic garden that already has a dedicated outdoor play area.