Dunster House MegaFort Mountain Climbing Frame


Dunster House is well known for producing climbing frames and outdoor play materials that last, and bring hours and hours of joy for children. They are a reliable company, and many play areas and gardens across the country accommodate their products. Their biggest climbing frame is the MegaFort Mountain. It’s huge, and it’s an exciting addition to any outdoor space. If you have the room, then we can’t think of any better way to fill that space.


First up, it’s important to remember that this climbing frame comes with a ten-year guarantee. The guarantee offers a whole decade of the timber being safe from rot and the problems that bad weather brings. This is because the timber is pressure-treated. It’s tough enough to withstand a whole gang of kids, but it also gives you that peace of mind that assures you the frame will still be standing after ten years.


The features


Everything you would expect to find on a  professional standard climbing frame is here with the MegaFort Mountain. 


  • The unit comes with two swings. The seats of the swing are crafted from extra tough plastic, making them safer and simply more fun to use due to their comfort
  • A wavy slide that comes in one piece. This is a big deal, because most manufacturers supply slides in two or three pieces. This could lead to a weakness in a joining piece. With a single unit slide you have a sturdy and durable element, which is easy to set up due to it being only one piece
  • Dunster House source professional grade climbing stones. Some manufacturers use plastic, but these stones are built to be used on a professional climbing level. This makes them much safer, and much more hard-wearing
  • Brace points are all over the unit. This means that the frame is simply sturdier and able to handle heavy use for years. The frame is simply supported by strong and tough braces


This happens to be the largest climbing frame that Dunster House makes. The key benefits include the durability of the frame, and the different areas that give children hours of fun. You even get a little sandpit beneath the frame, and a picnic table. 


Two amazing wooden roof towers allow for that extra burst of imaginative play. The unit also comes with monkey bars that just add to the fun.


All together, this is probably the most ‘complete’ climbing frame experience available right now. 


If it all seems like a job that is just too much for you to handle, we can offer a quick and efficient climbing frame installer service. This means we can have the whole thing installed quickly, with testing and positioning being taken care of by us too. 


All in all, this incredible climbing frame has all you need for hours and hours of fun. It will transform your garden. The frame is the biggest Dunster House does, and it has something for everyone. It’s an essential addition to a garden.

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