The Bespoke Treehouse

Perhaps one of the most desirable aspects of outdoor play is the treehouse. Not everyone can have one in the garden. Many gardens are not big enough. But if you have a space that you think deserves a treehouse, then you should consider having a custom treehouse made. A good bespoke construction will make an outdoor space a place of wonder and exploration for years to come. So it is well worth considering having a custom treehouse made especially for your space.


We can ensure that your build is safe and efficient. We have the experience and the skills to make sure that you have a safe build, and one that, crucially, allows for personalisation. There are many different ways to build a treehouse. The custom experience means we can take your ideas and wishes and ensure they are included in the final design. In other words, you get the treehouse you want.


At Climbing Frame Installer, we work hard to make sure that customers have a safe and efficient experience. Leave it to us, and we will ensure that your treehouse is customised, and built quickly. If you want a treehouse that meets your plans exactly, get in touch to see what we can offer you.