Accessories for your climbing frame


If you have a climbing frame in your garden, you’ll know just how much fun they can be for kids. All that running around and jumping makes for a great experience for any child. They also learn a lot about themselves and what they can achieve too. It’s a great way to build a child’s self esteem and emotional resilience. However, the best thing about a climbing frame is the option to add accessories to it to make it more challenging and add variety to the experience. They also bring plenty of fun too.


The beauty of a good climbing frame is the imagination aspect. Children can pretend to be brave Knights under siege, or pirates sailing the oceans. And when it comes to pirates, there are some exciting accessories out there.


Build that pirate theme by including a telescope so your little scouts can spot the enemy in time. You could buy a ship’s wheel accessory, to complete that pirate feel. And to add even more to the nautical feel, you can purchase a special periscope, to make the seafaring journey even more exciting. 


Other accessories include a trampoline or a hammock. Most good climbing frames have the space and the potential to build a kids hammock. These are great fun for young people. They’re perfect for having a break from all the hectic action.


A trampoline is a very welcome addition to a climbing frame. You can mount a small trampoline to your climbing frame, making the whole thing even more exciting.


If by chance the new climbing frame doesn’t have a slide, make it your priority to find one and install it quickly. The best slides are single units, all you have to do is get it delivered and you’re ready to get it placed exactly where it needs to be. Slides are simply great fun, and they’re an essential part of a good play area. 


The benefits of accessories


These accessories and many others can be fitted to most climbing frames. When kids use them, they are discovering extra value in their frame. Some accessories are even there to help keep children safe too.


The main reason you should consider accessories centres around the fact that climbing frames need to be as multisensory as possible if they are to have maximum impact. Buying accessories for climbing frames simply means you are providing a better climbing frame experience, and more fun for the young people who are using the climbing frame.