Creative Playthings: a bespoke solution


Creative Playthings has long been known for high quality outdoor climbing frames and apparatus. The US company also has a UK presence, and their climbing frames are quickly becoming very popular. This is mostly because the climbing frames they produce are well-structured, safe and fun to play on. In other words, Creative Playthings simply make great sets that children love exploring. 


What sets Creative Playthings apart from many other climbing frame manufacturers is the fact that there is the possibility of building the experience you want. The frames and the other units have been created for custom builds. Customers simply choose what they want, and then have the chosen pieces combine to make the complete climbing frame. It’s a unique concept, and it can mean some of the best and most bespoke climbing frames around.


There are some rather unique build choices here too. You can buy everything, from single tower units to full play set ups. The only limit really is your needs for the space you have. The customised climbing frame scope is wide, and simply involves you looking at what you need, and then buying units. You can also purchase pretty much anything for the play area. If it is something that can be set up with a climbing frame, Creative Playthings will have it. That means you get the choice of everything from trampolines to slides and swing sets. 


Creative Playthings is also very different to other manufacturers due to the quality of the timber they use. Sourced from the best forests, the wood is guaranteed to stay strong and robust for years to come. 


When it comes to building your custom play area, Climbing Frame Installer can help. The team will simply take each unit and then build the climbing frame set up exactly as you want it to be. Safety checks will be carried out and you can be sure that the end result will be a climbing frame that delights and amazes for years to come. 


Many of our customers simply buy the units and store them in a garage, for example, until we arrive. Then, using the years of experience we have in building bespoke frames, we efficiently construct the climbing frame according to the customer’s wishes. When you have such a wide scope, like you do with Creative Playthings, this means a truly unqiue design in your play space, and all built by professionals, with care and efficiency.

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