The Selwood Epic climbing frame was almost completed in London. This is a great little frame, the frame has a tube slide from a 150cm deck height step up heights. This climbing frame is built from cedar wood with an oil stain. You will need to stain the playset annually at least to keep it looking fresh. If this is not looked after then it will loose the color. 

As an installation service we turn up to your house once the playset has been ordered and delivered. We don’t operate on kickbacks and commission from manufactures meaning we can give you the best service and suggest any of the manufactures to get you the best frame for you, your children, your budget and garden .

The Selwood Epic climbing frame is the first of the Tube slide frames from Climbing Frames UK and Selwood supplied by Solowave playsets. The next climbing frames on the price lists is Peak, Toro, Skyline and Nova all from the £1000 mark. Other manufactures like Dunster House and Plum Products have sets going around the £1000 mark and they all have good points and bad points but nothing would have tube slides at this price point. 

Let us know if you would your playset professionally installed or if your into DIY


The Selwood wood isn’t a solid form, its hard to describe and as were unsure what it is. It’s like a laminate sheet stuck together to make products we believe.

This was a sad moment for a customer, Selwood are sending another swing out very quickly. Its one of those things that we haven’t seen before but something to check with the wood on a long term purchase.  

Broken parts happen for all playsets. We have had issues among many of the manufacturers, its not always the problems but how they get resolved. 

The Selwood policy is to email the parts department, give the code on the wood and then await the part to be sent out.