We’re often contacted by customers about climbing frames from Selwood, Plum Products and Dunster House. These are great manufacturers BUT if your ground is not level you have issues! 

We do however have options to customers to allow them to build what you like, stronger, longer lasting thicker wood at a slight increase in costs. 

We’re here to help…. 

We use a modular climbing frame design, this is based on square towers, this mean even on site we can if you require change the sections around. Pull fences in and out and move the steps and options around the climbing frame. The sets in question are strong enough to be able to work for your commercial needs. We can build your climbing frame in tight spots, links towers together with bridges, playhouses on stilts and so much more. We can have water proof playhouses for extra storage on the top floor or undercabin.  

Your climbing frame might have alternative needs, this is a special wheelchair swing, just because your child is in the wheel chair it doesn’t mean that your child cant have fun outside. Disabilities doesn’t mean it stops your life.

Using professional climbing frame installers like ourselves means we can source and install the best equipment for your needs.

Where not here to sell you things you don’t need.    

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