Climbing Frame InstallerPlay Crazy climbing frames are big, strong and long lasting. The wood comes with 10yrs warranty. They are large compared to the other manufacturers in the market like Selwood and Action. Play Crazy has purposely oversized the wood making many of the playsets strong enough for commercial use. Nurseries, pre schools, private schools or pubs all have a solution for a strong well built climbing frames are at very good prices and very thick heavy duty wood.

The small business is pushing the quality of service across the market. Not hitting on big online sales and showrooms but focussing on word of the spread of the good name. The playsets are a little more costly to other manufactourers.

The playsets range from a few hundred pounds increasing and hard to put the limit on as not only will they offer packed sets but customize the climbing frame to make it specific to you and your needs.

  • Spud Climbing Frame
  • Bambi Climbing Frame and Playhouse
  • Baloo Climbing Frame Double Towers
  • Scar Climbing Frames
  • Simba Climbing Frames Triple Towers
  • Hulk Climbing Frames Playhouse

HOWEVER on top of this small selection Play Crazy will offer you the chance to customize your playset towers and the installation team will make it

If you would like a playset from Play Crazy then ask us, we can lease with them, offer a slight discount and customise it for you making sure we have all the pieces we need to carry out the installations required. Contact Climbing Frame Installers now.