Jungle Gyms Wooden Climbing Frames

We’re looking at almost two different companies, Jungle Gym is the smaller branch for domestic gardens that sells boxes of screws and bolts and swing seats and then you can source wood or the re-sellers sends the wood from a merchant. However some merchants can source poorly sawn wood, many knots and cheap quality affecting to Jungle Gym name. You can source Jungle Gym products cheaply because the work to install it is a lot more than other manufactures. There will be no pre-drilled holes, no screw holes and therefore the work onside is significant and detailed for even the smaller playsets .

HyLand is the commercial arm of the brand. The climbing frames are significantly larger than domestic playsets and designed to be left and with a lot more use and less maintenance than the smaller Jungle Gym.

The Jungle Gym’s Wooden Climbing Frames Range:

  • Club 2-swing
  • Jungle Villa
  • PlayTower with Climbing Wall and Cottage Bridge
  • Playtower with climbing wall – Castle Climb
  • Wooden swing and slide club mini market
  • Farm Playhouse
  • Wooden swing and slide set – Cottage Bridge 2-swing
  • Cubby Train
  • Casa Climbing Frame 
  • Mini Market Climbing Frame
  • Hut Boat
  • Cubby Climb
  • Climbing Frame XL – Paradise 2
  • Climbing Frame Pirate Ship – Cottage Boat
  • Children’s Wooden Swing House 2-Swing
  • Barn Train 
  • Paradise
  • Mansion 
  • Chalet
  • Cubby Climbing Frame
  • Pirate Ship Climbing Frame
  • Castle Playhouse
  • Wooden Climbing Frames with Slide – Castle Play House 125
  • Wooden Swing – Jungle Peak
  • Cottage Mini Playhouse 
  • PlayTower with Climb Module – Home Climb
  • Playhouse with Slide and Swing – Cottage Mini Picnic 1 Swing
  • Wooden Garden Play Equipment Paradise 3

HYLAND Commercial Climbing Frame Playset Systems:

  • Nest Swing Set
  • Classic Swing Set
  • Climbing Frame Q4s
  • Climbing Frame Q4
  • Climbing Frame Q3
  • Climbing Frame Q2s
  • Climbing Frame Q2
  • Climbing Frame Q1
  • Climbing Frame P8s
  • Climbing Frame P8
  • Climbing Frame P7s
  • Climbing Frame P7
  • Climbing Frame P6s
  • Climbing Frame P6
  • Climbing Frame P5s
  • Climbing Frame P5
  • Climbing Frame P4s
  • Climbing Frame P4
  • Climbing Frame P3s
  • Climbing Frame P3
  • Climbing Frame P2
  • Climbing Frame P1

If you need a domestic or commercial installation then we can look at helping you. We have worked in many schools pubs and domestic properties.