Climbing Frame InstallerDunster house offer many services and products and this does include installation but only of the cabins and summer houses and maybe if their installing locally with a small one a climbing frame but do say and promote that they are for DIY installations. However we tend to pick up many Dunster House climbing frames. They could be DIY if you want to dig up your garden, concrete playsets and install it in the knowledge your children are playing with it and that you want it to be safe.

The reason we exist is to give you knowledge and peace of mind knowing that your climbing frame is built to the best standard and if and when were unhappy we will tell you, give you the part numbers and problem to lease with Dunster House Climbing Frames to get the new or missing parts out. Were not there to build unsafe projects and leave like many local tradesmen might just try to adapt it.

Dunster House climbing frames are selling climbing frames ranging from the budget cheap price of £294.99 to larger sets costing £1094.99

Sets are:

  • Foxcub Climbing Frame
  • Squirrelfort Climbing Frame
  • Monkeyfort Climbing Frame
  • FortPlus Climbing Frame
  • Balconyfort Searcher Climbing Frame
  • Maxifort Frontier Climbing Frame
  • Lil Lodge Playhouse
  • JuniorFort Monkey Climbing Frame
  • MonkeyFort Tower Climbing Frame
  • MegaFort Mountain
  • Fortplus Epic Playset
  • UltraFort Paddington
  • MiniFort Discovery
  • Mini Picnic
  • Neleh Cabin
  • Lofty Lodge
  • Luna Lodge
  • ManorFort Stronghold

If you’re looking to have the playset installed then we would be more than happy to help you. We have been building Dunster House playsets for many years and knowing all the common mistakes and issues from instructions too the actual build we would provide the easiest, cleanest solutions for your families needs.

Call the climbing frame installers now.