Action Climbing Frames

The Action Climbing frame range is designed for the younger family members looking for some thrills and fun. The playsets are a standard structure look frame, some look a lot larger in pictures are they are often side shots but then thin on the length. The floor is pre made making it a strong platform that allows you to bolt pieces together in a modular fashion. Many of the sets will look familier with different parts added in and new towers and called something new. However this also gives you and us options to customize the frames slightly to match your families needs.

Action Climbing Frames for this year are:

  • Arundel Climbing Frame Climbing Frame
  • Arundel Twin Climbing Frame
  • Arundel Twin Compact Climbing Frame
  • Monmouth Climbing Frame
  • Monmouth Lodge Climbing Frame
  • Monmouth Twin Climbing Frame
  • Gatelodge Climbing Frame
  • Arundel Tower Sandbox
  • Victory Double Swing

These frames do come with different slide options, this will not affect us while building but if you do order an Action Playset with extras then we would need to know this at the point of quotes. All quotes for Action will be for the build, we will concrete as well but the purchase of the materials might vary depending on your soil type, needs or ground so we would quote and then on the day usually purchase the extra items once we have seen the ground.