The Dunster House QuestFort Triumph

QuestFort Triumph Dunster House Climbing Frame Installation QuestFort Triumph Dunster House NOT Selwood Plum Climbing frame

The QuestFort Triumph playset from Dunster House Climbing Frames has everything your small garden needs, from the cabin playhouse underneath giving something to play with but also more strength for the structure to avoid twisting when larger children on the Monkey Bar swings.

The entrances onto the platform is from the Rock Wall on the back with real professional rocks as grips and from the monkey bars then the children can go straight down the wavy slide. The playset come with the solid plastic moulded swing seats and a small Dunster House flag.

The main unit is reported to be around 3.9m x 3.6m deep but you will need to allow for swing space and crash distances of at least another metre or two from and rear.

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