Installation for a Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame

Selwood Products offer a wide range of children’s outdoor playsets which cater for different sized gardens. The Skyfort is one of the larger climbing frames from Selwood, designed with more spacious gardens in mind. It features a number of fun accessories to keep children amused for hours and is the perfect outdoor toy for if you have a large garden. There are other climbing frames available to suit smaller gardens also, and they are a great way to encourage children to play outdoors and keep healthy and active.

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The Skyfort features a wooden play fort which features a play deck for kids to climb to as well as a number of accessories off of the play tower including a rockwall, a slide, monkey bars, a swing set and a step ladder as well as a picnic area beneath the play deck, and also a lookout basket as the highest point of the climbing frame which children can climb to.
The Skyfort’s play tower features the wooden deck for children to climb to, which supports the upper playhouse as well as a balcony deck area at the front of the play deck, providing more space for children to play together inside the tower. The playhouse is enclosed around the outside and is covered by a wooden roof to provide some shelter inside the playhouse. The front part of the play deck is railed around the outside also, to keep little ones safe while playing, and it is partially covered by a second wooden roof. Kids can use either the step ladder at the back of the climbing frame, or the rockwall at the front to climb to the play deck. The rockwall is a good way for kids to develop their coordination, build strength and confidence however it is a slightly more challenging accessory than the step ladder, which can cater to younger children or less confident climClimbing Frame Installer bers.
To the front of the play fort is the wavy slide which provides a fun and exciting way for children to exit the play deck and upper playhouse. The slide is a popular climbing frame accessory and is a great toy for kids to have hours of fun on. The wavy slide is that extra little bit more exciting as the waves in the middle speed up the ride down. The slide features high moulded sides to help keep little ones safely on track on their way down the slide.

To one side of the play fort is the monkey bar module and on the opposite side is the three position swing beam. Some play frames featured in the Selwood range have the popular combined monkey bar swing module which acts as a single module but featuSelwood Skyfort Climbing Frameres both swings and monkey bars. This is a great way to help you save space in your garden should you not have space for the Skyfort. A climbing frame with a combined monkey bar swing set could be something to look out for.

Monkey bars are a very popular climbing frame accessory which are especially good for kids to build their strength and coordination on too. They are a fun way for keeping children amused as they present a challenge, even for older kids and confident climbers. The swing set featured with the Skyfort play frame includes a two seater glider swing as well as two flexible belt swings. The glider is designed for two children to work together and swing back to back. A glider is a fun way to encourage social play and help children’s teamwork skills. The flexible belt swings are specially designed to grip children’s hips while they are sitting on the swing, therefore helping to ensure kids are swinging safely and staying balanced on the swing.

The top of the swing beam supports the nest box or lookout box which makes the highest point for children to climb to. The lookout box acts as a balcony area which is railed around the outside so children can play safely, but is also a fun platform for children to climb up to through the playhouse.

Beneath the play deck is a picnic bench/ decking area where children can play. The picnic table and benches are sheltered by the play deck creating a nice area for children to sit at for drinks or snacks between play, or even to play games at.

Climbing frames are a great way of preventing boredom and are ideal for amusing the children after school, at the weekends and even in school holidays or when friends come round to play. Outdoor climbing frames can be a brilliant way of helping children stay active and get plenty of exercise too.

For help with installing your climbing frame contact the climbing frame installers now. Our team of playset builders have a huge amount of experience in assembling wooden play frames from Selwood as well as other popular manufacturers.

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