Installing the Selwood Vigo Climbing Frame


The Vigo climbing frame from Selwood Products is designed with small to medium sized gardens in mind. The Vigo play frame features theClimbing Frame Installer Climbing Frame Installer popular space saving monkey bar swing set which can help save space in your garden. The combined monkey bar swing module which features in many of Selwood’s children’s playsets is very popular as it provides two activities to keep kids amused, in the space of one. This means that your climbing frame can feature more accessories without it taking up more space in your garden.

For the Vigo climbing frame, you do not need a huge amount of garden space and the kids will still be amused for hours even though it is not one of the largest play frames in the Selwood range. The Vigo climbing frame features a compact play tower with a wooden play deck for kids to climb as well as a roof which shelters the play deck. The deck has enough room for a few children, however is not as spacious as some other play decks, for example the Skyfort from Selwood and so on. The roof which covers the Vigo cl¬†imbing frame’s deck is not wooden either, it is made from a waterproof tarpaulin material.

The play fort features the raised play deck which is railed around the outside to keep children safe while playing, but is also has a chalk wall inside which can help keep little ones amused too. The addition of a chalk wall in the upper playhouse is great for children to practice their writing and drawing on as well as games etc. The Vigo play frame has an open play area beneath the play deckClimbing Frame Installer which can be used to keep otClimbing Frame Installer her outdoor toys, or it can even be turned into a play den or sandbox.

Kids can climb to the play deck using the rockwall ladder at the front of the play fort, which provides two activities in the space of one, just as the monkey bar swing beam does. Instead of having a separate ladder as well as a rockwall, the Vigo has a combined accessory, which provides the challenge of a rockwall for confident climbers as well as ladder steps which can make the climb easier for younger ones and less confident climbers.

The Vigo climbing frame also includes a slide which is a very popular climbing frame acessory. The slide can provide hours of fun and is a great way for kids to exit the play deck too. Another feature of the Vigo play frame is the cantilever trapeze bar on one side of the play fort, which compliments the two position swing set on the opposite side. The trapeze swing offers another extra activity to keep children amused, while the swing set features two normal flexible belt swings for children to play on.

Climbing frames are thClimbing Frame Installer e perfect outdoor toy for keeping boredom at bay and the great thing about them is that children’s play frames encourage kids to get plenty of exercise and stay healthy and active.

For help with installing your climbing frame, contact the climbing frame installers today. Our professional team of experienced climbing frame builders can ensure your playset is quickly constructed and safe to play on.

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