Bespoke Play Crazy Double Tower Climbing Frame Installation


Children’s outdoor climbing frames from Play Crazy are designed with all ages in mind as they are extremely robust and can be concreted into the Climbing Frame Installer ground to maximise their stability.

Play Crazy play towers are engineered from strong chunky wooden timbers, of which the legs can be concreted into the ground as opposed to just standing on top of grass or a safety surface like some climbing frames from other manufacturers. By concreting Play Crazy climbing frames into the ground, the stability of the frame is increased making it safer to play on.

Our team of experienced climbing frame installers are on hand to install and concrete your playset for you. Large climbing frames from Play Crazy can be time consuming and tricky to install, as well as needing more than one pair of hands to safely assemble them. Our team of professional climbing frame builders can take away all the stress of a DIY play frame and have yours built and ready to play on in no time.

Climbing frames areClimbing Frame Installer a brilliant way of encouraging children to play outdoors and stay fit and active as well as providing hours of fun and helping to prevent kids from getting bored. Garden play frames can make fantastic gifts for birthdays or even a Christmas present so get yours in time now!

Double Tower climbing frames from Play Crazy are designed with larger gardens in mind, however single towerClimbing Frame Installer s are available for those with a smaller garden. The great thing about Play Crazy climbing frames is that they are built on a modular design so can be created to suit the needs of your family and therefore provide you with a bespoke garden climbing frame.

The Double Tower climbing frame featured here includes two spacious play towers, both of which have a raised play deck for children to climb to. The play decks are enclosed by wood en railings to keep kids safe while playing and the play decks are also joined together by a wooden bridge. The bridge features safety netting on either side so children can run safely between each play tower.

The first play fort includes a wooden roofClimbing Frame Installer which shelters the play deck and there is ample room inside the tower for a group of children to play together at once, making it ideal for when friends come round to play or for siblings to play together.

The first play tower includes a rockwall and a step ladder as ways for children to climb up to the play deck. The rockwall presents a challenging climb to the deck for older children to practice their climbing skills and coordination on, whereas the step ladder provides an easier climb for younger Climbing Frame Installer children or less confident climbers.

The first play tower even includes a picnic bench with plenty of space for children to sit and have lunch or snacks, or even play games at. The picnic bench is beneath the play deck and therefore is relatively sheltered too.

The swing beam is attachedClimbing Frame Installer to the first tower at a right angle but can be placed on either side of the tower to suit the shape of your garden. The swing beam included here features three swing positions, two belt swings and a trapeze bar. A wide variety of swing seats are available however to add to your climbing frame.

The second play towerClimbing Frame Installer also includes a railed wooden play deck which is sheltered by a roof also. Kids can climb to the second play deck by crossing the bridge or by using the climbing net at the back of the play frame. The cargo net can present a challenging climb to the play deck also but is a great accessory for little ones to grow into.

The second play fort also features a fireman’s pole and a slide too which is a very popular climbing frame accessory. So many fun activities can be packed into a Double Tower climbing frame from Play Crazy and they will make a fantastic investment for your garden as well as your family.

For help with installing your climbing frame contact the climbing frame installers now. Our professional team of experienced climbing frame installers specialise in the safe construction and installation of children’s play frame and will ensure yours is assembled in no time.

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