Play Crazy Climbing Frames and Outdoor Play Equipment, New Products


Most popular manufacturers of children’s play equipment and climbing frames regularly renew their products and introduce a new selection of playHulk Triple Tower Climbing Frame Play Crazy frames and accessories to choose from. Play Crazy design and supply wooden playsets and their recently released climbing frames include the ‘Hulk Triple Loaded Tower’ play frame, the ‘Simba’ climbing frame, the ‘Bambi Single Tower’, the ‘Baloo Double Towers’, the ‘Scar Triple Towers’ and the ‘Tinky’ swing set.

Play Crazy outdoor play equipment is manufactured using high quality wood which undergoes treatment to ensure Play Crazy climbing frames and toys are strong, durable and safe to play on. The wood is smoothed down to ensure there are no sharp edges to the play frames plus it is also pressure treated to protect the wood and give Play Crazy climbing frames a long lifespan.

The great thing about wooden play frames and play equipment from Play Crazy is that their products can be sunken into the ground and concreted in, which increases the stability and security of their climbing frames. Having the ability to concrete a play frame into the ground will ensure that the playset itself experiences less movement when kids are climbing on it. Play Crazy climbing frames are chunky and robust wooden play frames with large play towers for kids to climb on and therefore they need to be safely secured when installed. Concreting the play frames into the ground can increase their stability making them safer and more secure to play on, as opposed to playsets that are freestanding and not concreted into the ground.

Play Crazy Bambi Single Tower Climbing FrameOur team of certified climbing frame installers offer a professional yet affordable installation service to ensure your climbing frame is quickly and safely installed. Our team of playset builders have years of experience in assembling children’s play frames correctly and safely so can have yours built in no time. Our climbing frame installers have experience in erecting play frames from most popular climbing frame manufacturers including Play Crazy.

Climbing frames recently released by Play Crazy include the Hulk Triple Loaded Tower and the Simba Triple Tower climbing frames. The Hulk Triple Tower features three solid and spacious wooden play towers for children to climb on, as the name suggests, with a huge selection of fun accessories included. The Hulk Loaded Triple Tower from Play Crazy will certainly keep boredom at bay as it is jam packed with activities and things to keep children amused.

The New Hulk Triple Tower play frame features:

  • Three play towers
  • Top play cabins
  • An 8ft rock wall
  • An 8ft cargo net
  • Steps with handles
  • Swing set
  • Picnic tables
  • Lower play house
  • Slide
  • Fireman’s poles

The Triple Loaded Tower Hulk climbing frame is a fantastic investment for those who are lucky enough to have the space to fit it in!


The New Simba Triple Tower climbing frame includes:

  • Stepped triple play towers
  • Double slides
  • Rock wall
  • Cargo net
  • Swing set
  • Bridge
  • Steps with handles
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Picnic table

The Simba Triple Towers is also a spacious children’s play frame designed with larger gardens in mind but jam packed with fun activities.


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Outdoor climbing frames are a brilliant way to keep children amused as well as being good for children’s physical health and fitness. Play frames encourage kids to play in the garden and can ensure they have plenty of exercise and fun at the same time. Now is the best time of year to purchase a climbing frame and have it installed for summer in time to enjoy the nice weather and make the most of your garden in summer. Kids play frames can also come in very handy for preventing boredom during the long school holidays too.

For help with installing your climbing frame, contact the climbing frame installers now for a quote. Our certified installers have years of experience in the safe construction of children’s playsets and can ensure your climbing frame is quickly and safely installed.

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