Commercial and Residential Climbing Frames from ‘Home Front’ Outdoor Play


Climbing frame manufacturer ‘Home Front’ offer a wide range of wooden play equipment for commercial premises as well as domestic use. Playground systems from Home Front are based on modular designs which enables them to provide customised playsets to suit specific requirements for commercial play areas.

The modular climbing frames from Home Front Outdoor Play are manufactured from high quality timber wood with a natural look that will look fab in any playground or garden. Home Front design commercial wooden play frames for schools, nurseries, public play areas, pubs etc. and their play systems can cater to different ages and abilities.

Similar to some other climbing frame manufacturers, Home Front playground systems are based on a play tower design with modular accessories, meaning that there is a huge number of combinations that can be chosen from.

Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment even for residential use can be a fantastic way for children to gain new experiences, develop new skills and have hours of fun. Climbing frames for commercial premises are so valued, particularly in schools and nurseries because they encourage children to socialise and are a great way for kids to develop new skills that perhaps they couldn’t learn from indoor play. Outdoor play systems are also a fantastic way for children to stay fit and active, which contributes to overall health and well-being too.

It can be difficult to know what to look for when choosing a play frame, and climbing frames from different manufacturers can have pros and cons. Home Front play equipment allows you to continue adding new accessories to your climbing frame as children’s age range changes or children’s demands and skills increase. Home Front modular play systems can start off as a simple design and always be added to in the future.

Another great thing about Home Front play equipment is that it does not have a maximum age limit. Home Front state on their website that their play frames can be enjoyed by children of any age except for certain modules such as swings. This could be particularly useful to any schools or commercial playgrounds which are likely to be used by a wide range of children from very young to a lot older.

A climbing frame can be a brilliant investment for any commercial premises for the benefit of children. Also, if you are lucky enough to have space in your garden at home, an outdoor play frame for domestic use can be a great investment for your family too. Playground systems can keep kids amused for hours and provide a huge range of activities to keep them physically active and engaging in social play.

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