Canyon Clubhouse Playsets from Home Front Outdoor Play


Home Front are a children’s play equipment manufacturer, catering for commercial premises as well as domestic. Home Front offer a wide selection of commercial play frames which they categorise into their own sections including Canyon Clubhouses, Jungle Clubhouses, Mountain Clubhouses and Adventure play frames as well as bespoke play systems.

Wooden play equipment from Home Front is manufactured from hard-wearing timber which produces robust playsets, suitable for commercial use in places such as schools, nurseries, pubs, playgrounds etc.

The range of Canyon Clubhouses for commercial premises from Home Front are based on a play tower design play system. The name ‘clubhouse’ is given to the enclosed play cabins or playhouses features within the play frames. Enclosed play cabins can either be in the upper or lower part of the play towers included in the Canyon Clubhouse climbing frames, or even both. The clubhouses featured within these play frames are what gives the Home Front range of commercial climbing frames their names. For example ‘Canyon Clubhouses’.

The Canyon Clubhouses featured in the Home Front gallery include either a single play tower, double play towers or even a triple play tower system for larger play areas. Canyon Clubhouse climbing frames from Home Front include a fantastic range of accessories from play towers, upper and lower clubhouses, straight slides, tube slides, rockwalls, gangplanks, bridges, ladders, play decks to climb to, cargo nets and much more including games.

One Canyon Clubhouse play frame featured in the Home Front gallery on their website has been installed on a commercial premises, and includes a pair of play towers, a bridge connector, a bottom clubhouse, rockwall, a slide and step ladder. Home Front fun filled playsets will certainly keep boredom at bay.

Climbing frames are a brilliant way of keeping children physically active and fit as well as providing hours of fun and amusement. Outdoor play equipment can be a great way to encourage kids to play outside and get plenty of exercise and fresh air which contributes to health and well-being.

Play frames can also help children to develop new skills and learn things that they perhaps wouldn’t from indoor play. Children can develop important skills from outdoor play and climbing frames are a great way of promoting this, which is what makes commercial playsets such a good thing for schools and public playgrounds. Skills which children can develop from playing on outdoor play equipment include:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Problem solving skills
  • Climbing skills
  • Strength
  • Imagination
  • Social skills
  • Sharing and consideration for others


It is important that commercial grade playsets are installed correctly to ensure they are secure, stable and safe to use. Our certified climbing frame installers have over 9 years’ experience in assembling children’s play frames and are here to help with installations across England and Wales.

For help with the installation of your climbing frame contact the climbing frame installers today. Our experience playset builders can assemble your play frame quickly and safely. We provide a professional but affordable climbing frame installation service.

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