The Bayfield Retreat Climbing Frame


Our professional climbing frame builders recently installed the Bayfield Retreat climbing

frame from Selwood Products.

This beautiful jam packed playset can be built on grass, or any woodchip based or rubbing

flooring, in any medium to large sized garden. The Bayfield Retreat may not be suitable to

be installed in some smaller gardens due to the spiral tube slide which requires more space

for the climbing frame to stand.

The Bayfield Retreat play frame includes a wooden play fort similar to the Skyfort climbing

frame and the Shelbyville Deluxe (also from Selwood Products).

The Bayfield Retreat climbing frame and the Skyfort are similar as they both include a railed

lookout box attached to the play fort which sits on top of the swing beam. The only main

difference between the Bayfield Retreat and the Skyfort climbing frame is that the Bayfield

Retreat is constructed with a spiral tube slide in place of the monkey bar set which the

The gorgeous Bayfield Retreat playset is also similar in design to the Cedar Valley Lodge

climbing frame. The Cedar Valley Lodge from Selwood features a play tower with a lookout

area at the front of the play deck similar to the Bayfield Retreat’s lookout area at the side of

the play fort. Another accessory that the Cedar Valley Lodge and the Bayfield Retreat

playset have in common is the yellow enclosed tube slide.

The main difference between these two play frames is that the Cedar Valley Lodge only

features one slide and does not include a wavy slide as well as an enclosed tube slide like

the Bayfield Retreat play frame does. Due to this, the Bayfield Retreat is more suitable to be

installed in larger gardens whereas the Cedar Valley Lodge is a good alternative play frame,

with many of the same accessories, for those who like the Bayfield Retreat but have slightly

less space in their garden.

The Bayfield Retreat climbing frame is packed with exciting activities to keep kids amused

and is a brilliant way for children to stay healthy and active. The Bayfield Retreat features

everything that children could wish for in a playset, including an elaborate play fort with an

enclosed play deck, a lookout box, picnic bench, wavy slide and tube slide plus a swing

The yellow spiral tube slide is the first thing you see when it comes to the Bayfield Retreat

play frame and it is a very popular climbing frame accessory. The tube slide is constructed at

the side of the play fort and provides an exciting way for kids to exit the play deck.

The swing beam includes two belt swings plus a two seater glider swing which encourages

social play between children.

This stunning playset is built with premium cedarwood engineered specifically to enhance

strength and stability, making the Bayfield Retreat a safe and activity filled climbing frame.

Children’s playsets are a fantastic investment for your family as they can provide years of

For help with the installation of your climbing frame, contact our climbing frame installers

today. Our professional team of experienced playset builders can install your climbing frame

quickly and safely. Contact us on 07792309588 or email

[email protected]

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