Choice of Climbing Frame Slides, Pos and Cons


While looking for your perfect climbing frame you have many things to contend with, is the ground level. How much do you want to spend and then thinking what type of climbing frame fits the specification you need, if your struggling to chose the climbing frame then you can start to narrow down each problems with from each type of climbing frame.

The slide choices will help narrow down the manufacturer you can choose. The manufacturer with the largest selection of slides in our opinion is the Selwood Products range, sold across the world and mostly through Climbing Frames UK in the UK. Rainbow offer tube slides as well as straight slides and most of the manufacturers just use premoulded straight slides.

The Selwood Tube Slide

The ideal way to have a slide in your garden with a tight space. Keeping the slide under cover its ideal if its placed near trees with birds above…

This is not so ideal however with young children, making it impossible to build your childrens confidence and will occasionally until they have been down it a few times could come out at some funny angles.

It really have to be level ground to install this correctly




Selwood Products Curved Slide

If your have a tight spot your looking to put a climbing frame but still maximizing the play space for your children then the tube or this curved slide can allow exits for your kids without taking up so much space or being so fast the kids need a long run off area




Action Pre Moulded Wavey Slide

The pre moulded slide can sometimes get scratched upon delivery so it is wise to check the top when it arrives. However this is a strong and secure option that will last a long time.

This can be used with unlevel ground allowing a few inches from level ground.




Selwood Flat Pack Wavey Straight Slide

Benifits of this is that it comes in a box so wont get scratched upon delivery. If your garden is not completely level it can cope with some movement on the ground unlike slides like the tube slide set up. This will however need more space in your garden compared to the curved and tube slide.












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