Deciding which climbing frame seems to be a stressful beginning to what should be a fun and exciting time for your family bring some amazing memories and even larger smiles for your children and friends.

Things to Consider:

  • What are you looking at,
  • What are your restrictions, Size of your garden? Your Budget?
  • What climbing frame, metal or wood?
  • Is your ground sloping or level, playpit, grass or rubber compound
  • How long do you want to keep your climbing frame

Creative Games Jungle Gym Climbing Frame PlaysetYou have certain considerations to make above and beyond the above which are things within your garden. The make of the playset you buy can come to how much your spending and these decisions can depend on answers about the ground level and other restrictions.

Climbing frame manufacturer Selwood Products playsets, the boxed versions need to be built onto the ground level, this does allow some for some flexibility and the average garden is level enough not to worry but it is something to consider. The playsets are built with cedar wood. This is considered softer than pine that has been pressure treated with chemicals.

Plum Products, Bison Playset Climbing Frame InstallerRainbow Play Systems usually on average are the top of the range sets, this does mean it comes with a price tag and could question the need to spend a lot on what come could consider a disposable product. Rainbow tend to use Cedar wood which is considered softer and nicer for your children.

NI Climbing Frames uses pressure treated pine wood, the sets are a little rougher and “action man” type units than the Rainbow Climbing Frames or Selwood Products sets sold through Climbing Frames UK but for the quality of wood, thickness and strength some of the best value playsets on the market.

Action Climbing Frames, the climbing frames are “pic pack” you can buy a tower and keep adding different accessories to make the play set you desire, Tower then add ladder, rock walls, bridges and other extras as you require.

Plum Products have have buy a picture type playsets much like Selwood. They do not really offer many changes to the picture your buying. However will have many similar sets to that one picture it doesnt offer many variables from the actual picture of the product your buying.

Play Crazy is linked with climbing frames and we do many custom builds using these playsets. We use them because they are some of the strongest playsets you will find. Flat ground level ground or building multiple towers around garden trees or down hills makes a very universal system. Anything you want, we will normally be able to achieve for you.