Climbing Frame Installer

This for better terms is what we do, you have seen flat pack Ikea Cupboards and kitchen draws that need building. Now imagine that in your garden in multiple boxes, limited screws and bolts and instructions written by someone in an office. Yes the instructions are their to help but very rarely is written in the exact order to help process the build quickly and effectively.

Climbing frame installers have been going for many years and have worked and been recommended by many of the manufacturers themselves as the preferred installers, why is that? Because they know we quote job rates for installations so you know what your paying and we wont role out days on end confused and lost like local tradesmen on day rates. We offer a free recall on our build and work and always offer the best advice to customers while on site over coming many problems that might otherwise stop the builds.

Choosing your climbing frame might have taken many evenings of looking at pictures resulting in an impulse purchase due to a sale price on a playset ticking away. Many manufacturers use this to make you buy quickly but you have time to chose the playsets usually that will fit in your garden and if your unsure do feel free to contact us we can then talk through your budget, ground level and best installation. Its often not about buying the largest playset that will fit in a space but allowing “play space” around the climbing frame or even adding other toys like Jump king trampolines.

You really do need to ask yourself, do you want to be spending multiple weekends arguing with your wife or husband about which bit of wood goes where while your kids are asking when it will be done?