Custom Play Crazy Triple Tower Climbing Frames Build

play set erection and build teamWe are often asked by our customers to adapt and change the climbing frames and for this we need the best, we would not work or try to change some of the sets due to the strength of the wood and issues that can come from twisting however the Play Crazy range is so strong we can almost do what we want with it and as such designed a climbing frame they have even now introduced onto the range they sell now and say its proving very popular.

The pipe dream for the custmer to fill the bottom of his garden was proving hard to find quality but within a decent budget. We purchased parts from a couple of manufactours to design him a triple tower at different level allowing small children to play with the larger ones in his family. The mother only needs to be in one location and doesn’t involve having to run to every drop meaning his wife is very happy.

A simple sketch and some well thought building on site and in the head of our lead builder gave a truly amazing result for just over £2500. Many manufacturers would struggle to get a single tower of the quality of these to a customer at this price.

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