Commercial vs. Domestic Climbing Frames – Safety Requirements, Standards & Regulations



Climbing Frame InstallerClimbing Frames designed only for domestic use must comply to EN71 safety standards. The European standard EN 71 specifies the necessary safety requirements for climbing frames and other toys. Children’s play equipment sold for domestic use are legally required to comply with these safety standards.

Climbing frames for commercial use are legally required to pass a different set of standards than domestic play equipment and this inflates the price of commercial play sets. Commercial play frames and toys must comply with EN 1176, the safety standard for commercial playground equipment.

Therefore the different safety standards and tests that have to be carried out with children’s play sets account for one difference between domestic and commercial climbing frames… the price! All domestic and commercial climbing frames from trusted manufacturers including Dunster House, Selwood Products, NI Climbing Frames, PlayCrazy and Action climbing frames are rigorously tested to match these safety requirements to ensure children’s safety.

Commercial play sets usually tend to be larger and slightly more than most domestic climbing frames. This is because commercial play areas generally tend to be larger than the average garden and the size also contributes to the higher price of commercial sets.

Safety surfacing is compulsory with commercial climbing frames, whereas safety surfaces are encouraged but not legally required with domestic play equipment. The decision to install safety flooring with domestic play sets or not lies with the parents of the children who will be playing on it. Safety Standards which commercial play equipment safety flooring must comply to are laid out in the EN 1177 standard. Various safety surfaces are available for use with both commercial and domestic climbing frames and other play equipment. A safety surface must legally be installed with commercial play equipment that contains the risk of a child falling from more than 1m.


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