Action Climbing Frames say they want to offer imaginative climbing frames and playset at exceptional value and they really do have some of the best ranges that survive all year around. When manufacturers like Plum Products tend to want to sell stock at the end of summer Action Climbing Frames always seem to have stock and ship it out within a matter of days. If your lAction Climbing Frames by Garden Games Limited Main Logo CLimbing frame installerooking for a last minute children birthday present then we can normally help with the Garden Games Action Climbing Frame Range. Action along with Play Crazy offer a design your own climbing frame concept. Unlike Selwood Product range or Dunster House Climbing Frames you can build these playsets on ground that is not flat. There is a choice of complete Climbing Frame sets with everything included or you can tailor make a frame to suit your own needs with our Design Your Own Climbing Frame facility.

Action Climbing Frames aim to be safe and secure, they can be built on a slope or wonky gardens as they are dug into the ground and do not sit like a box on the surface of the garden. The frames and accessories meet the EN71 specifications for childrens play equipment.

Action Climbing Frames State:


Safety is at the heart of our design specification. From the substantial timber sections used for the frames,
through to the accessories and fixings, all componants meet the stringent EN71 regulations for childrens,
play equiptment. Our standard Climbing Frames Designs are put together in a safe butm challenging
combination to ensure children are at minimal risk when playing.

Our Products are CE marked and meet and exceed all exceed all British and European Toy Safety standards BS 5665/ EN71.

We strongly recommend that all fixings and fastenings are checked at least annually to insure they are in good condition and secure.



Action Climbing Frames are made from wood, one of the most environmentally freindly material available.
The wood used for our frames is selected top grade pine from forests approved and managed under the Programme for the Endorement of Forest Certification scheme (PEFC). This guarantees that our products
are made with wood from sustainably managed forests. Management of these forests involved protection
enviroment, respect for the social rights of local communities and forest workers and economic viability.



The seasoned timber used on all Action Modular Climbing Frames is machined, planed smooth with rounded edges and finished with 1mm tolerances. All fixing holes and nut recesses are pre-drilled. The Timber is pressure treated to preserve its life, using a non-toxic chromium/ cadmium/ arsenic (CCA) free solution which is approved for childrens’s playground equiptment. Substaintial 70mm x 70mm timber sections are used for the frames (ramparts is 90mm x 90mm) and70mm x 90mm timbers are used on all the swing beams.


Wood is a natural product and as such i ssubject to the influence of the moisture content of the air and ground. Sometimes cracks or splits may appear, but this will not result in weakening of the structural stability. These cracks and splits are minimized by the machining in to rectangular sections and are more common in round section timber. Knots and grain variations are a normal component of all timber products.



Garden Games Limited and Action limit the use if man made materials where ever possible within the design of our climbing frames. We offer wooden seats, wooden roofs, polyhemp ropes, wooden clattterbridges and tunnels. We use high quality ASH hardwood rungs on our monkey bars for nonslip all year round. All necessary fixings, fasteners and ropes are included and are either galvanised or stainless steelnt plastic material is used on all our slides to prevent degradation is tested to insure that it presents no danger of toxicity.



Installation and Assembly

Before purchasing and installing your climbing frame, measure your space carefully. Action instructions are available to download prior to your purchase from our Action Climbing Frames Instructions Page.
Add and additional unobstructed perimeter of 1.5m around the frame for safety and accesswith a clear zone2.5m in front and behind swings. Your frame should not be places closer than 2m from any boundary of your property.

Climbing frames are large items and although it is possible to assemble them on your own, we recommend two or more people. A full set of instructions for your frame is packed with your frame

Duplicate instructions and fixings, along with a dril bit for preparing screw holes are also included in seal silver foil packet attached to each componant. It is best when opening these packs to take extra care and open them on to a tray or flat surface (not grass) as it some parts are small and can be easerly lost.

You will need some tools for assembly these include

  • 13mm / 17mm box or socket spanners
  • Cordless drill
  • Phillips Screw driver
  • Level
  • Tape measureBuild times are set out for each frame, but should be used as guidelines only and assume a reasonably level and clear area. Most of our frames allow you to arrange the componants in more than one configuration to fit the space you have available in your garden. When purchasing your Action Climbing Frame in a non stnadard configeration check carefully with your retailer to insure that the layout you have choosen is safe. Action 3d can help you identify any layouts that would not be considered safe.



WarrantyAction offers a 10 year guarentee against rot and insect infestation on all timber sections and a 2 year guarentee against technical faults and manufacturing defects. All rope,accessories and slides are guaranteed for 1 year subject correct installation and normal domestic use.