NI (Northern Ireland) Climbing Frames

NI Climbing Frames is the largest manufactour and installer of there own climbing frames and play equipment in Northern Ireland. Starting around 2006 they have built up a trusted and respected reputation for great value climbing frames that are strong and reliable so you can buy them in the knowledge that the quality is very high.


From there website, the aim they have for you the client.

Our aim for you, our client,

is to give you a complete package that should be a hassle-free experience. All of our prices quoted include delivery and full installation within Northern Ireland. For installation in Ireland, please feel free to ask for a delivered and installed price (Eg. FREE installation of any 6ft or Double Climbing Frame anywhere in Ireland). 

Our aim for your children, 

is to provide them with a climbing frame that will give them hours upon hours of fun and in doing so will also enhance their social, physical and intellectual development.
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