Dunster House supply very good quality strong heavy duty wood for the climbing frames, this however has limited holes pre drilled and requires you or us as the Climbing Frame Installer/s some work. Selwood products playsets tend to have a lot of the hole required drilled through the wood already. This is a positive and negative at the same time however. If we are building onto a slight slope sometimes these holes do not line up 100% and extra work is needed however if all the holes are drilled in place on the day it means the fit will be 100% every time.

  • To build the rock wall, find the correct wood
  • Stand the legs up underneath
  • Slat the wood across the main legs
  • Drill through the ends of each slate, not into the main leg itself and put a screw through the hole ( Do this down one side and screw them up making sure they are all straight, start from the top of the rock wall, end leaning against the actual playset)
  • Repeat process for the opposite rock wall leg
  • Get the support brace in the middle of the rock wall, use it as a guide and drill through the middle of the rock wall board.
  • Add the support brace, screw two or three screws into one end of the brace then attach from the opposite end and work your way along making sure pressure is applied on the rock wall slates to make a tight fit.
  • Consult instructions for layout of the rocks, with a small 4mm drill end hold the rock in the desired place and pre-drill holes through the rock itself so the hole are in the correct place. Repeat for all rock placements down the rock wall.
  • Drill through the same holes gentle avoiding wood splitting with a 8mm drill
  • Hammer the T-nuts in the back of the rockwall and screw through the rocks to hold in place ( Do not over tighten the rocks or this could cause damage)
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