The Selwood childrens sand playpit is often supplied with playset from the online retailer Climbing Frames UK but can be purchased seperatly. The sandpit is a stand along unit and very easy to assemble, with around 32 1.1/2 inch screws. A single green lining to the bottom of the sandpit is made to measure so the box souround has to be placed in the flatest part of your garden or the play sand will leak out and a waterproof cover.

We advise finding an area you would like the sandbox, put the water proof coating onto the box and then leave that box where you would like it to stay to give time for the grass to die before applying your play sand. Make sure the sides of the sandbox are aligned and staight and all of the screw heads are counter sunk so that your children cant catch themselves.

This product is £49 at the point of publishing inc free delivery.