Building the Selwood sandpit is a very easy installation. You only need a screw driver, easier if its a power drill but you can still do this with a Phillips screwdriver.

The sandpit that Selwood sells is much the same as the Plum products playset other than it being hexagonal. The sandpit comes with a ground cover and a waterproof top cover.

Trick one, actually recieve the sandpitOpen the sandpit and makesure you have all your screw and the wood is not damaged.

Make sure the corners are even and flat and the screws go into the wood straight.

When placing the sandpit is placed in the final postion it needs to be completely flat, sometimes its best to take the top layer of grass off first and flatten the mud underneath.

Sandpit is built

Climbing Frame Installer 

Caution that the wood is natural and therefore the knots in the wood can occur where the screw holes. If you screw into these you could open the wood. Make sure the corners and joints are even, if they are not then sand might leak out.