Dangers of Climbing Frames, Climbing Frame Selwood, Plum, Maxplay, housted, rainbowIt has become apparent that many “installers” are not even insured. They are handy men or sometimes people wanting to earn a little extra money at the weekends. Please be aware that it’s your child’s safety that you’re putting at risk using these people. We are a professional full time team of installers working for the largest retailers and wholesalers in the UK.

 This year alone we have had to attend families’ houses where the climbing frame has not been installed correctly. Support braces missing, screws sticking out and left on the floor. If your child is injured the installer would not be covered for this.

 Please contact climbing frame installer if you would like to know more about having your playset installed correctly. We are currently working with Selwood, Plum and other climbing frame manufactures


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