Always Keep the Wood flat

To avoid any problems with your wood and while you’re waiting for it to be installed make sure the delivery company leave your wood in a save secure place which is as flat as possible with drainage.

<——–You do NOT:

Leave your play set box on a step, this will bend and bow the wood

Leave the wood in a pit or in standing water, this wood will bow

Leave the boxes upright leaning on a table, this is a hazard but is very frequently found in peoples gardens.

You CAN:——->Selwood Backyard Adventures Climbing Frame Boxed

Leave it outside in the rain, don’t worry it will be outside when it’s built.  

Leave it on the grass, this will kill the grass after a few days but the moisture isn’t a massive problem short term

We have a very quick turnaround from the point we take a booking for your install to the actual install itself. We do not sub-contact our builders and all our builders are fully trained and know how to cope when things do go wrong and problem arise on the install day. Don’t let your climbing frame bend and flex when it’s not needed.

Contact us now if you would like us to install your playset.