Climbing Frame Installer

Choosing your climbing frame and deciding which manufacturer can be very difficult. Gardens vary in size and you might want the playset to be at the forefront of your garden or hidden, you might have designed your garden. Manufactures have sales on the larger sets and you might want to jump on that. Its best to look at the size of your garden and the space around it. Above all the safety of your children should be considered and building the biggest playset in your garden not allowing space on the floor for your children to run around. Your children will like the playset but will also want to play on the floor and will need an easy way to go down the slide and then back up the ladder to go again. You have many playsets too choose from, the most popular are Selwood, Plum Products, Max Play, TP Toys and Rainbow. Make sure you correctly measure where you playset is going and think about what your garden can cope with rather than the largest climbing frame you can afford.

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