We have been contacted by several clients after looking to save money after we have quoted for an install, as we are in this current climate many people are trying new things to earn a living, these playsets are meant for home installation however we have been contacted several times this year alone that handymen, builders and general labours even reffered by the retailers themselves are installing their playsets and leaving screws on the floor, broken wood and missing panels and incorrectly installed climbing frames. When these contractors are chased and contacted they refuse to return and always want to be paid cash on the day.

If you would like to keep your children safe and have your playset installed by professionals, being referred by the majority of the largest retailers and importers in the UK such as Selwood, Plum, Max Play, Fun4kids, Climbingframeuk to name just a few then please contact us. These companies are always under pressure to save money and supply forever cheaper installs to you the customer. 

At some point however competent installers will possibly be replaced by cheap labour wanting to rush the installation of your childrens play equipment. What would you pay to keep your children save.  

Would you use a gardener to re-wire your house?