Take your baby seat out of the box and packaging it arrives in, visually inspect your box for damage and footprints. Once you have your seat out check for light marks in the plastic childs swing seat where the plastic could have been crushed or had a weight placed on it. Check the straps have no marks or cuts in the fabric and that it goes together correctly. 

Loop the rope single section through the whole joining the swing seat, push it through the connector to form a hole and push the metal hinge through the middle of this hole. This will lock when pulled tightly. Do the same for the other side of the baby swing seat and its hanging. 

To adjust it push the rope through the hinge until slack and then lower or high each side to make the seat level. Be aware the seats rope could be twisted so adjustment could be made again in future. This should not swing within 30cms from uprights of the climbing frame or other swings to allow a safe distance to swing.