Custom Play Crazy Triple Tower Climbing Frames Build We are often asked by our customers to adapt and change the climbing frames and for this we need the best, we would not work or try to change some of the sets due to the strength of the wood and issues that can come from twisting

Selwood Duchess Climbing Frame Review The Selwood Duchess wooden climbing frame most commonly seen through the linked company to Selwood, Climbing Frames UK has a single tower, double slide frame unit. This is part of the starting frames for small children the Olympia play centers. Its ideal for the small garden with small young children.

Costco Cedar Summit Climbing Frame: The Costco Cedar Summit climbing frame is one of many from the Costco range in 2014. This set is imported from the Selwood group for Costco along with the Jungle Gym range they have in stock. Another new development that Costco has in force is the online purchase and delivery

Selwood Auderly Climbing Frame

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Selwood Auderly Climbing Frame,   The summer is finally here in England. After such a poor start to the West Country and half of the country being flooded the climbing frame season begins. After several calls a day we attend a build in St Albans on the outskirts of the M25 and London in Hertfordshire