Costco Cedar Summit Climbing Frame Installation Yet another climbing frame installation from our amazing team, this came as a direct refferal from Costco Online. We have been there chosen installers for 2013 and as such were very knowledgeable of the play systems and now we would think professionals. Their is only one reason a

Costco Climbing Frame Installation Advice The Costco climbing frame is one that can have a tighter area around the outside of the climbing frame. due to the way the playset is laid out means you don’t have such a risk of a long slide and crash zone. The playset is one of the safer ones

Is the Costco Ceder Summit Climbing Frame Hard to Build?   If you don’t like or believe what we say about the Costco Cedar Summit Climbing Frame Installation time then this is a blog we found online from a normal guy, with help from his father who kept track of time, days and difficult moments.

Costco Ceder Summit The Costco Cedar Summit, some might say is the playset of the year. A fully boxed, turn up at store and leave cedar climbing frame, who else offers this in the UK? Simply NO one. Costco are now offering the Cedar Summit for home delivery from the online store which is making