How to check if your garden is flat and which climbing frame will suit it best…


Climbing frames make a fabulous addition to any garden and are the ultimate outdoor toy for kids to enjoy! Play frames are not only great at keeping boredom at bay and amusing the kid for hours, they are also a brilliant way of keeping children healthy and active.

If you are searching for a climbing frame for the kids there are a couple of things to think about before you purchase. The first thing to do is measure your garden space that you are happy to be taken up with a playset and make sure that the climbing frame you look at will fit into that space.

Climbing Frame InstallerThe second thing to do is to determine how level your garden is. Some climbing frames are better suited to flat gardens and it is difficult to install them on an uneven garden. Other play sets are far better suited and can be a lot more easily manipulated to sit in an uneven garden. For example, children’s playsets from Selwood Products are designed to sit on top of a surface whether it be grass or a safety surface such as rubber and so on. These climbing frames are far better suited to flat areas.

However, climbing frames from other manufacturers such as NI Climbing frames, PlayCrazy and Action are of different design. These climbing frames include include chunky wooden legs that can be dug into the ground but are free standing also. As these playsets can be dug into the ground however far they need to be and cemented in, they can be installed on uneven garden without the play frame itself being affected too much. Climbing frames that are dug into the ground and cemented are very sturdy and safe for climbing on.

How to check whether your garden is flat:

Garden fences and fence panels can be a good indication of how flat your garden is. Fence panels are often dug in at different levels so a straight fence is seen even if your garden is not actually even. Fences can easily provide the illusion that you have a flat garden but it is best to look carefully. Vertical fence panels are always a great giveaway that the garden may not be completely even. Horizontal fence panels are used with flat gardens and vertical panels are often used when the garden is uneven because it is easier to achieve a straight line with vertical panels.

Another way to check how level your garden is, is to look at garden features such as decking Climbing Frame Installershown in this photograph. If the decking gets wider or narrower along the garden then it indicates that the garden is not completely flat.

If you are lucky enough to have a flat area or an even garden to construct your climbing frame on then you will have far greater choice of climbing frame that will suit your garden. Unfortunately if you do have a slightly uneven garden then your choice of playsets that will be suited to your garden are slightly more limited. Seek advice if you are unsure which climbing frame designs will be best for your garden type.

For assistance with the installation of your climbing frame, contact the climbing frame installers now. Our experienced team of professional climbing frame builders are always happy to help.