Selwood Products Skyfort vs. PlayCrazy Double Tower Climbing Frame


Climbing Frame InstallerThere are many different designs, styles, shapes and sizes of climbing frames and playsets on the market and it can be very difficult choosing a climbing frame that is going to suit your family best. There are a number of children’s climbing frame manufacturer’s and lots of styles to compare. The climbing frames compared here are the Skyfort climbing frame from Selwood Products and the Double Tower climbing frame from PlayCrazy.

All of the play frames in the Selwood Product range are engineered from beautiful high quality cedar wood. Selwood treat the wood with a red stain to keep it rot-resistant so their climbing frames last for years. The attractive red stain used is what makes Selwood Product’s playsets so recognisable from other manufacturers.

PlayCrazy climbing frames however, are engineered from heavy duty timber which is pressure treated to keep it from rotting outside. The wood which is used to construct these PlayCrazy single, double and triple tower climbing frames is a lot lighter in colour which distinguishes it from the Selwood climbing frames. Due to the heavy duty timber used, PlayCrazy climbing frames tend to be a lot chunkier and heavier as they are made from great quality wood and therefore are extremely sturdy for kids to climb on.

The Skyfort is one of the larger climbing frames that Selwood Products has to offer so is designed with larger gardens in mind. PlayCrazy climbing frames are slightly larger playsets in general because of the chunkier wood that is used and they are also a bit taller than Selwood climbing frames. PlayCrazy climbing frames are designed with medium to large size gardens in mind rather than small gardens, however the single tower play frame from PlayCrazy would be suitable for small gardens. Selwood Products have a lot more playsets to choose from and have such a wide range that you can find the perfect climbing frame for any size garden.

Climbing frames from PlayCrazy are of modular design which means you can essentially Climbing Frame Installationbuild and design your own climbing frame to suit your garden and children. If you want to have monkey bars instead of swings or both or if you want a cargo net rather than a rock wall then a modular playset from PlayCrazy is the perfect thing for you! Some families will love choosing their own accessories and designing their own climbing frame whilst others may prefer to choose a playset that has already been designed such as the Selwood climbing frames.

The Skyfort climbing frame from Selwood features a single play tower with a 5ft high play deck. There are two heights of play deck available with PlayCrazy climbing frame towers, 5ft or 6ft high. The Skyfort includes a fully enclosed playhouse on top of the play deck as well as a balcony area. There are a number of choices available with PlayCrazy climbing frames. The playdecks can either be railed, partially or fully enclosed to create a playhouse like the Skyfort. PlayCrazy towers can either be complete with a solid wooden roof or they can be left open like a fort. The playset shown here from PlayCrazy has railed playdecks, both of which are covered by a wooden roof.

The Skyfort includes a rock wall, a step ladder and a wavy slide at the front of the climbing frame, all of which are available to feature in PlayCrazy sets. The playset shown here includes a rock wall, step ladder, a slide and a cargo net off the play towers. This playset also includes a rope bridge that joins the two play towers and a monkey bar/ swing set combo. The Skyfort also features a monkey bar set as well as a separate swing beam and a built in picnic bench underneath the play deck.

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