The Selwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame

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Selwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame Installation


Although climbing frames from Selwood Products are designed with self-assembly in mind, you may wish to have your playset professionally installed   Climbing Frame Installer by experts. Our team of climbing frame installers have years of experience in the safe installation of outdoor climbing frames and we specialise in fast, safe construction of children’s playsets.

The Audley Deluxe climbing frame from Selwood is designed with medium to large sized gardens in mind. The Audley Deluxe is a spacious play frame which includes a main wooden play fort with an upper and a lower playhouse plus an extra balcony area for children to climb to. It also includes a curved slide, a rockwall, a step ladder and even the very popular combined monkey bar swing set.

Selwood climbing frames are engineered from cedar wood which is a soft wood and it is stained to help prevent the playset from weathering. The red protective stain turns the wood a rich orange colour which is characteristic of Selwood’s playsets.

The Audley Deluxe climbing frame features an expansive wooden play tower for children to climb on and playhouses to play in. The upper and lower play cabins have plenty of space for kidsSelwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame to play in together, and the railed balcony area makes the raised play deck even more spacious. The play fort includes a raised play deck for children to climb to using either the rockwall at the front of the playset, the ladder at the back, or the monkey bars to one side of the play fort.

The raised play deck is enclosed around the edges to help keep little ones safe from tumbles while playing in the play Climbing Frame Installer tower. The raised playhouse includes fun details like windows in the sides so kids can see out plus the play fort is covered by a wooden roof which shelters the play deck.

The rockwall at the front of the climbing frame can be quite a challenging climb but is a great way for younger children to develop their coordination skills, balance and confidence. Rockwalls are a very popular climbing frame accessory which feature in almost every climbing frame in the SeClimbing Frame Installer lwood range. The step ladder at the back of the play fort provides a less challenging alternative so younger childrClimbing Frame Installer en can climb to the play deck safely and confidently.

To one side of the play tower is the popular combined monkey bar swing beam module. This fantastic accessory is a brilliant way to save space in your garden but kids can still enjoy two activities in the space of one. The monkey bars are a fun way for children to climb to the play deck and they are a great way to keep older children involvedClimbing Frame Installer as they are a more challenging activity. Monkey bars are also a fun way for children to develop strength, coordination and confidence too.

The swing set included with the Audley Deluxe features a trapeze bar plus two single belt swings. The belt swings are designed to be flexible so that they can safely grip children’s hips and help little ones stay balanced while swinging. The trapeze bar is a fun alternative swing for kids to play on too.Climbing Frame Installers

Beneath the play deck of the main tower, there is another enclosed play cabin for children to play in. The lower playhouse features windows in each side so children can see out and play fun games but there is also a slatted window at the front of the playhouse. The finishing touches such as these are what gives the Audley Deluxe a huge amount of character and it is an impressive looking playset.

The Audley Deluxe climbing fraSelwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame me also includes a curved slide which bends around from the side of the play fort to the front where children land at the bottom of the slide. The curved slide is a great way to save some space in the garden as it takes up less room than a straight slide would. The slide is a fun way for children to exit the play deck and it is a very popular climbing frame accessory also.

For help with the installation of your playset contact the climbing frame installers now. Our professional team of experienced climbing frame builders can have your play frame built in no time and ensure it is safely and correctly assembled.

For a quote please call 07792309588 or email us at: [email protected].

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