The Lodge Climb X’tra Jungle Gym Climbing Frame

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Installing the Jungle Gym Lodge Climb X’tra Climbing Frame



Lodge Climb Xtra Jungle Gym Climbing Frame The Lodge Climb X’tra climbing frame from Jungle Gym is designed with self-assembly in mind, however you may wish to have your playset professionally installed by our certified climbing frame builders. We understand that not everyone is confident to build their own climbing frame therefore we offer an affordable installation service. Our team of climbing frame installers have years of experience in assembling outdoor wooden climbing frames.

The Jungle Gym Lodge Climb Xtra climbing frame features a whole range of fun activities to Climbing Frame Installer keep kids amused and is designed with medium sized gardens in mind. The Lodge Climb X’tra features a main play fort with a play deck for children to climb to, a slide, a rockwall, a swing beam, a rope ladder, a climbing A frame with cargo net and rockwall, and even space for a sandpit.

Jungle Gym outdoor climbing frames are engineered from a light coloured natural looking timber wood and they are designed to stand on top of grass or a safety surface as opposed to being sunken into the ground.

The main play tower of the Jungle Gym Lodge Climb Xtra play frame features a wooden play deck for children to climb to. Kids can reach the play deck by climbing either the step ladder at the back of the playset or the rockwall at the front. The rockwall is a slightly Climbing Frame Installer more challenging climb than the step ladder so confident climbers can test their strength and coordination. The step ladder is an easier climb so therefore ensures even smaller children can reach the play deck safely.

The Lodge Climb X’tra also includes a wavy slide at the front of the climbing frame which provides kids with a fun way to exit the play deck. The wavy slideClimbing Frame Installer has added fun factor as the wave in the middle makes for a speedier ride down. Slides are a very popular climbing frame accessory and kids will love playing for hours.

The play tower even has a solid wooden roof over the top which provides shelter and it is enclosed by wooden railings to keep little ones safe. Beneath the play deck there is space for a sandbox to be installed. The sandbox boards are already in place around the base of the play frame and it can be a great way to keep younger children amused. However sandpits can require a lot of maintenance and can be messy so are not to everyone’s taste. The space underneath the play deck can be uClimbing Frame Installer tilised for other things such as storing outdoor toys.

To one side of the play fort is a single swing beam which joins to an A frame. The swing beam features a single rigid swing seat and the A frame has both a rockwall and a cargo net for children to climb. This fun-filled Lodge Climb Xtra play frame is packed with lots of activities which should keep boredom at bay for a while.Climbing Frame Installer

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For help with the installation of your climbing frame contact the climbing frame installers today. Our experienced playset builders install outdoor climbing frames across London, Birmingham, Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and all over England.

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